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My Runaways Reaction
Nate/Blair Meant for you
I just saw the Runaways with my sis and here is my reaction to the film. It has a few spoilers:

This movie was amazing!!! I don’t get where all the bad reviews are coming from. Best performance by Kristen Stewart ever!!! I am a huge fan of hers and believe that she is an amazing actress, but her performance as Joan Jett was mind-blowing. I thought Dakota was absolutely brilliant in it as well. The scene towards the end where Cherie leaves the recording studio and Joan loses it was so intense. This movie really draws you in and you find yourself going, “it’s over, seriously, I want more!!” You could not keep your eyes off of Kristen’s Joan in this film, she completely dominated every scene, her presence was amazing. Dakota played Cherie brilliantly, I didn’t see her as the little girl from all her other movies, but as Cherie Currie. Both girls did an amazing job. Stella Maeve was brilliant as Sandy West, but I just wish she was in it a bit more. I cannot wait for the DVD to come out, and I am already planning to see it again in the theaters soon.

I was devastated to hear that the nationwide release of this film was cancelled. That’s why I went to see it with my sis this weekend instead of waiting like we had planned. It is so unfair. This was one of the best films I have seen in a long time, and it left me wanting to see it again. I would definitely recommend going to a theater (if you can), but the rock music surrounding you is awesome. It was just my sis and me and one other person in the theater (however, we did go to a 10 am showing), but there still should have been more. This movie deserves to be sold out…I would see it again and again. Sorry my review is not great, it is my first. After seeing this movie, I had to gush about how great it was.


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